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Cosima now has a new link for her pictures. Please check it out - she has many beautiful watercolors. Prices are shown when you hold your cursor over the picture and come in a variety of sizes.

So please take a few minutes and check it out.

Cosima's Art Show

This new Photo Gallery shows most of my Watercolor and Opaque Original Paintings that will be featured in a joint showing with my long time friend Shelley Quiner. The show will be held on February 26th, 27th, and 28th at Cosima's Studio at my mothers home. Unfortunately, Shelley's beautiful Hand Woven Tapestries were unavailable at the time these photos were taken.


The vast majority of these paintings were done after my accident, so represent my primary recovery period quite well. I had been 'told' to expand my painting styles, and I think that if you are familiar with my art you will see that I did just that.

By the way, the "gold building" that will host our Showing was a very old and beat up metal building that my dad bought as salvage and planned to fix up; he never got to it. It became a major project for me to remodel the old building which leaked wind, rain, and sand horribly, and was full of very heavy junk that dad collected. It had no electricity, heat, or any other facilities. I added a portable outhouse, wood stove, and many other features. It became "Cosima's Studio", and the place I created many of the paintings from this photo gallery during my recovery at my mom's house.

Jemez Art Showing

Jemez Art Showing
February 26, 27, and 28
Pat Cosima and Shelley Quiner will be having a 3 day opening of their art at 'Cosima's Studio', 134 Camino Azul, across from the school in Canon, in the gold building.

This showing includes sixty-two Watercolor and Opaque Original Paintings, and 14 to 19 Hand Woven Tapestries. It will be open to the public Friday 1-6 pm, Saturday 12-6 pm, and Sunday 1-6 pm. This may be a one time show..

If the snow gets deep, they will change their opening for later in the Spring. Please feel free to call (829-3940) or (829-3803) if you have any questions about the show

Miracles in the Here and Now - part 3

Miracles in the Here and Now! - part 3

How to feel safe after getting hit by a car? Listen to your inner voice and follow the guidance carefully.

I did not pretend to feel safe. I talked about what issues were coming up for me and I let people know that I had to process the emotion and the pictures in order for my body to heal.

I told people I did not feel safe and when they wanted to wheel me someplace else I said no way not today. You want to do physical therapy with me do it in this room today.

When something was not comfortable for me I told people, I believed in my own ability to make the correct choices for myself at each changing moment. That way I created as much as possible what was safe for myself at that moment. I acknowledged when discernment didn't work and I made my next choices differently. Food and medicine were the fastest feed back loops.

Maybe you don't believe in Angels and Light Beings. Too Bad So Sad. I use to work with a woman in Houston that was always talking about angels; she had figurines on the walls and everywhere. I use to think she was crazy-NUTS.

Then, when I started doing more and more Reiki and Qi Tao Reiki and the room would fill up with Light beings, I began to understand. It completely depended on who I was working on at the time. Sometimes it would feel so crowed I would have to ask some of them to back off. I would say I'm glad you want to help, but it is so crowded in here I can hardly breathe. At first I thought I too was going crazy, but then the clients would also identify some of the light beings.

Some of by clearest images, understandings, and voices came after I studied American Indian Journey work with Berta Shineberry, as well as those gained from my long time mentor Michael Silver Dragon. Light beings don't care weather you are white, black, brown, pink, or purple, and they don"t care about your size, your sex, or your age. My visions, dreams and experiences in living breathing color occurred while drumming, while doing soul retrieval, and while assisting others with Reiki and Qi Tao Reiki. Jesus, Qian Yin , Buddha, a Mayan priest, an Indian Chief, and a Sufi teacher all showed up to encourage me to keep Loving human beings just for what they are.

After years of these and a lot of other weird experiences, I can tell you it doesn't matter what country or religion or belief system you come from, everyone has angels, spirit guides, and assistance if they are willing to be open to receiving it.

Your connection to God is personal and always needs to be respected. However, in the understanding of conscious spiritual evolution, everyone is equal and everyone deserves and is capable of receiving miracles.

One of my best friends, Jesus, told me so. And just like a child I can clearly say it works perfectly. The mind will get in the way when it focuses on negative attitudes. The minute I start doubting and listening to the world of criticism, anger, and resentment, THE MIRACLE that I was starting to experience disappears, and Fear and self doubt flood back in to smoother out my new possibility.

Every thought pattern that Begins with the belief in not getting better is based in confusion. It may be based on other peoples doubts or doctors negative attitudes. Yes of course, some people have already chosen to die. Some people do not have enough training to deal with the whole difficult scene.

This does not mean that you should not use the good old American medical profession, but please realize that they have been indoctrinated into chemical medicines at the huge hands of pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies in the interest of making a profit.

Personally, I can say without all of the help that I had, I doubt that I would have made it. In spite of many wonderful doctors, nurses, and attendants, I can say very clearly, it is a job I would prefer to not do again.

Think Love, Forgive yourself and others and be in the Light. Let the Love and Light be your Joy.

May Peace and Gratitude Surround you these Holidays.

Remember that Love, Light, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within You; simply care about yourself and others, as if they were your best friends.

Love and Light, Cosima

Miracles Here and Now - part 2

Miracles Here and Now! - part 2

Miracles can happen in the here and now when you find that place inside yourself where everything is possible. This is a warm spot inside that is quiet, it is not bothered by voices of resistance or fear.

It is like reflecting out on glittering, swirling water but it has no image or color. Some people call it the Inner Flame or Light. It is your connection to Peace, Great Spirit, or to God.

It becomes clouded over easily with the noise of the world, but to find it again is now easier than it used to be. One does not have to sit in meditation for hours. One does not have to pray incessantly to invoke this presence. One thought will again open the door. Even after heavy night dreams or trauma's that continue to present themselves in this always critical everyday processing we call Life.

This one thought works for me: The Essence of Life Lives Within Me. I then I follow with this short prayer, generally in the morning; I say to myself:

Lord God of my Being, I surrender all of my problems to You.
I yield to Your Will in my Life.
I now take my step in trust.
Please show me the way.

or True Peace = Star: Surrender,Trust,Allow and Receive

One way to experiment with this process, if you choose: Think of a small child who is at play, watching the smile upon their face. The world of their play is an illusion but their fantasy is full of emotion and color. In that moment the grass which they are lying upon is green, the sky over there head is blue, and white puffy clouds form images that anyone in their right mind can see. The image is a changing kaleidoscope form of dragons and birds to angels and turtles. The child is delighted and has no judgment about the shape that they identify. There is no fear about being silly or judgmental about Reality. This is play, there is no failure or comparison. There is no competition, no one is there to tell this child that play is lazy. This is a safe place. The flower of imagination and the delight of recognition is their only focus.

This safe space comes with breathing naturally and allowing ones body to be as relaxed as possible. You may then focus on a place in your body that is in pain, and then find a place that is not in pain; go back and forth between the two areas. If a lot of your body is in pain, pick two distinct areas to observe and go back and forth between them. This creates a neuromuscular nerve patterning that affects your brain and tends to decrease the pain. If the pain is emotional, then remember a moment that was not emotionally painful and go back and forth while feeling and forgetting with a comfortable pleasant memory.

If your having trouble relaxing, try Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or get a hypnosis session with Barbie Flora (Bree Baker). You can also go to the Jemez Springs Bath House for a nice soak in the tub, or get a relaxing massage. Relaxation often occurs after soaking in a warm bath tub, after adding 2 cups of organic apple cider vinegar.

How does one find safe space after being hit by a car? First I did a lot of silent screaming and allowed myself to be surrounded by people who were capable of compassion. I listened inside myself and believed the soft determined voice I heard. This inner voice was with me in my dreams and was not embarrassed to ask for help.

Your inner voice, if listened too, does not criticize; it speaks simply, as in knowingness, and it is not bound with fear but knows Love. This inner voice will stand by you and believe in you regardless of all the panic around, and outside yourself.

Miracles in the Here and Now! - to be continued

Love and Light, Cosima

Cosima's story part 13

Jumping back but I'm calling it Story 13

This is after I went to mom's after the hospitals and the nursing home in April of 2009.

Gracia drove me up to Taos a few weeks ago and we picked up the bicycle, my helmet, one glove, and one shoe. I was disappointed that there was only one shoe. I had purchased a pair of shoes in Taos that were on sale along with a bright yellow green vest and a pair of black bicycle shorts that were much more comfortable then the ones I had been using. Tough stuff. The shoes flew off my feet and the rest the hospital must have cut off of me before surgery. I was hoping for 2 shoes at least since I finally had broken down after having sore feet and bought some good
shoes. Nothing like having dressed up for the event. No one could say I wasn't bright enough to be seen. Humor my friends, we need it for every turn of the corner.

The bicycle is bent pretty bad and the seat and handle bars are about the only thing to save. I didn't feel much by seeing it except wondering a little about how more of my body could have been broken and smashed and mangled.

I did want to celebrate by going for a apple turnover.

Sugar/apple comfort food speaks for itself. When in some distress it is back to endorphins for a quick release. Being aware of the distress on top of talking with the police officers who had been so kind and saved my bicycle for so long. It is silly but I really was hoping for both bicycle shoes. I dropped my bicycle off at Boe's the Bicycle Doc in Los Alamos and he was kind enough to take it apart and give me the handle bars and seat. Poor bicycle, I had it fixed up so it was a perfect fit for me and it had been so much fun to ride.

Actually all I remember about the accident was having had a wonderful time with so many wonderful bicycle people. They will always be dear to my heart. It is a good thing to remember the wonderful vacation and great places and time I had with these people and Taos. It was my first big trip anywhere since the accident. It helped being apart of a place again where I had had an adventure.

It also helped the feeling of a time gap. It was like making a patch work quilt. I now felt connected again with the place and space where I left one reality and moved to a different reality. I was healing very quickly - so quickly family and friends could hardly believe it. But I am like a different person now it is not just the titanium inserts. I may never be able to be the same active person I was before. Yes with years of effort I will be able to do some of the same things. But all of my spiritual work before this accident event was put to the maximum test. You can't lay in a hospital bed and wake up to find your whole life has changed and not have to use every speck of spiritual practice you have ever learned.

In Spiritual practice one thinks one understands gratitude. One can talk about gratitude but it is not the same as being so filled with Light that being alive at all is miracle and gratitude is the only word that can be spoken or heard.

To be continued . . .

Cosima's story part 12

Cosima's Story Part 12

Dear Friends and Friends of the Mountaineer's,

Thank you so much for your support and assistance in my recovery from my accident last year. If you were to see me you would be very amazed at how far I have advanced since that serious event.

I have moved from a wheel chair, to a walker, to a cane, to even getting on my trail bike a couple of times. I'm now driving my car enough that I have been able to drive my Mom, as well as a friend of mine who went blind, to appointments in Albuquerque. I have also gone back to doing massage recently, and am working on 3 to 4 clients a day (once in awhile). I still need to have surgery in January to get one long piece of metal and five screws removed from my right arm to have better use of it, but I am thrilled to be back to working, even if it is sparingly.

Everyone has been so very supportive, but I would like to give a special thanks to Gracia Coffin for her Reiki treatments and Light Blessings.

I especially want to thank Annette Weyrauch and Mari Jorgensen at Physical Therapy Plus in Los Alamos for the months of intensive work that brought me back to living an almost normal life again.

I interviewed about five Physical Therapists in Los Alamos looking for someone who would do 'hands on' work. Considering that I had to get a ride from my mother's house (it was about an hour and a half drive one way), I really needed someone who would spend an a full hour's time physically shifting the positions that my body was in, not just putting me on machines. One reason that I moved to my Mom's is that she had a stationary bicycle, a walker, an arm machine, a large ball, and rubber band accessories.

I needed someone who would work into the tissue since my right arm and hand could barely be moved. I could have applied for a legal disability, but I really just wanted to go back to work.

Presently, I can squeeze my hand into a fist, and my elbow straightens out almost perfectly. I can reach over my head, I am gaining strength in my back, and I can now almost balance on my left leg.

Since Annette is a bicycle person herself she was able to relate particularly well to my athletic tendencies, and love of nature. This made our time together much more valuable.

I so much appreciate the constant motivation and effort that Annette and Mari gave me, and their sparks of variety and patient persistence that helped my body change. I feel so grateful for their professional knowledge and compassionate friendship. I know that I still have a ways to go with flexibility, but it feels like a miracle happening in the here and now!

Thank you all so much for your loving thoughts and support, and supporting Jan and my family who had to spend so much time and see me go through so much pain and effort to recover.

Love and Light